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A Creative Expression Born from Crisis

That Stuck at Home Life was born out of a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but designed to be an evergreen resource for anyone stuck at home, looking for inspiration and fresh ideas. The project is a curated collection of unique activities designed to help anyone wanting to break up the monotony of a long day or seeking a path out of a creative or mental rut. Our aspiration is to help people stay healthy and active at home and support businesses in our community when possible.

We understand how this crisis is affecting our local creative community. To highlight some of the superb talent in our region, we put out the call for illustrators to bring each activity to life visually. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of so many wonderfully gifted illustrators who jumped in to help inspire others.

That Stuck at Home Life project is spearheaded by the team at Position Interactive, a creative agency that partners with marketers to build powerful and vibrant brands. We collaborated with more than 20 accomplished illustrators, credited here. Please check them out and hire them for your next project. To match the beautiful illustrations, we partnered with Catherine Warmerdam of Moxie Copywriting & Consulting to wordsmith the project. For questions about the project, please connect with us at

It Takes a Village

Angelina Sorokin

This is what Angelina thinks is most important: Expressing Yourself By Creating, Being Nice, Smiling, Exploring & Dreaming.

Anthony Nathan

If you knew how much time Anthony spent, just on this bio, you would know he’s likely to care about your project.

Ashley Rodseth

Ashley is the Creative Director at Honey. Her work begins in a sketchbook, with ideation, line illustrations, and the occasional blind contour.

Benjamin Della Rosa

Ben is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, and printmaker whose work includes branding and design for Camellia Coffee and Empress Tavern.

Darcey Self

Darcey B. Self is a wanna be illustrator. Her 9 to 5 is as an ACD at RSE but her free time is spent doodling and drawing.

David Angstead

David is a Sacramento-based Graphic Designer & Creative, focused on visual identities, brand strategies, packaging, marketing strategy, art direction, Illustration and design consultation.

Diana Lee

Diana is a designer, illustrator, calligrapher, and hand letterer who loves exploring different styles to create visual design solutions.

Emilee Rudd

Emilee is a Sacramento-based multidisciplinary creative inspired by hand-crafted intricacy and the great outdoors.

Ernest Karchmit

Ernest also known as the kernest, is a multidisciplinary designer specializing in brand systems, photography and type.

Fache Desrochers

Fache is a singular visual artist making her home in the capitol of California. A 100% self-taught artist, she works primarily in large-scale paintings, and ink and watercolor illustrations. Secondarily, she works with portrait/editorial photography and embroidery.

Grady Fike

Grady Fike is a designer and illustrator living in Sacramento, CA.

Hans Bennewitz

Hans is a designer of brands, maker of logos, director of art, illustrator of things, and doodler during meetings.

Jason Malmberg

Jason Malmberg is a multi-disciplinary designer with over 20 years experience whose aptitudes include creative direction, strategy, UX, and illustration.

Jefferson Miller

Jefferson Miller is an illustrator, designer, and receipt doodler, pulling inspiration from vintage cartoons and comic books. He lives in California with his girlfriend and small cat.

Joel Felix

Joel is a non-award winning illustrator and designer drinking way more beer than he should be during shelter-in-place.

Jose Rivera

Jose is an illustrator, living in sunny southern Sacramento.

Josh Diaz

Joshua Diaz is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, and a Sacramento State alumni.

Kiana Kraft

Kiana is a Graphic Designer at Honey. She cooks, creates, and trains her cat to walk on a leash…unsuccessfully.

Kyle Marks

Kyle is usually over-caffeinated due to his coffee addiction and can quit whenever he wants. He’s also the Art Director at Position Interactive.

Lily Therens

Lily Therens is an art director and illustrator based in midtown Sacramento.

Melinda Arendt

Melinda is a multi-disciplinary creative…focused on smart and conceptual work. She is made up of 60% La Croix.

Melissa Arendt

Melissa is an Auburn-based illustrator, designer and painter. She’s constantly creating and kissing her dog, Sir Walter.

Nick Jacoy

Nick is a digital artist with a technical background. He specializes in illustration, lettering, interface design, and web development.

Paul Antonson

Paul is a graphic designer based in Sacramento, California focused on illustration work, printmaking, identity design, and packaging.

Paul Kreizenbeck

Paul is a graphic designer based in Sacramento, California focused on illustration work, printmaking, identity design, and packaging.

Steve Barbaria

Steve imagines illustration projects arriving in a simple paper bag. It’s a bit like opening your school lunch, hopeful for something unexpected and sweet.

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